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Experienced digital editor, social media manager and journalist 
About me



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Whether interviews with high-profile politicians, stories about charity heroes during the pandemic, or exposing racism in the heart of British politics, I have developed a strong nose for news. I've taken part in investigations and exclusives, campaigns and initiatives, in print and online. My work during the Labour antisemitism row 2015-19 helped place Jewish News at the forefront of reporting on the saga.

While the majority of my work has been in news, I feel strongly about many of issues. Often this takes the form of a tweet (I've sent more than 90,000 and get more than 1m impressions a month). Occasionally, longer-form is necessary. I see this as journalism moving away from reporting facts, to arguing them. Especially in today's world, dominated by social media, misinformation and fake news - it's never been more important to use facts and evidence to argue a case.



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I enjoy venturing into the world of features, having written about my travels to Aruba and Cape Verde, Poland, Paris and Somerset. The opportunity to learn about different cultures and take in different experiences is invaluable. Visiting Auschwitz during March of the Living, and speaking to Holocaust survivors, will remain with me for the rest of my life, as will the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the Caribbean, to discover its Jewish history and meet its friendly people. I think it's an interesting challenge to share feature content on social media; trying to make it 'fly' is not always easy, but very rewarding when it works.

Sports and podcasts

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My love for writing was sparked before university, when I set up my first blog about cricket. My first paid writing job was with ESPNCricinfo, and my first splash, was with Australian cricketer Michael Klinger. So, writing about cricket has been formative to my career. Recently I covered the Yorkshire racism row, involving Azeem Rafiq, breaking an exclusive about an antisemitic slur used by ex-captain Andrew Gale, and I appeared on Wisden's podcast about the saga. I have covered Chelsea's campaign against antisemitism and the row the use of the Y-word by Spurs' fans. 

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